I Think we’re on a Break.

I Think we’re on a Break. ⠀

Wow…Even after we decided to “distance ourselves” from others we still put a lot of miles on in March. Originally, we made the push to Texas early in the month so we could visit with friends we haven’t seen for years and begin our National Parks tour of the West. Unfortunately that was temporally interrupted. ⠀

We’ve been following the recommended guidelines and have pretty much kept to ourselves. Luckily, we’ve found a great RV Resort, where we’ve decided to stay until the travel restrictions and distancing guidelines are lifted. ⠀

We’re in the San Antonio area of TX which is completely new for us. Aside from the Alamo and other well know tourist attractions (which are off limits) we’re looking for any good hiking/biking trails or activities you might recommend in the area. Mahalo! 🤙⠀



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