Here is a list of our favorite RV gear, accessories, tools, and memberships we use while full-time RVing in our Grand Design 312BHTS.

RV Gear

Jen and I spent a lot of time researching our rig and gear setup before leaving Hawaii. Knowing what you need to get started can be a big task, especially if it’s your first time RVing. 

There are some RV necessities you must have to travel safely and comfortably in your RV. These should be accessible when you pick up your RV or before your first outing. Read more about it here.

Boondocking is when you set up your RV without shore power, water, or sewer connections. Simply put, Park your RV in an authorized location, set up, and camp!

Here is some of the gear we use to go off the grid with our Grand Design 312bhts. Read more about it here.

RV Memberships 

Harvest Hosts is a membership program that provides access to a network of wineries, farms, breweries, museums, golf courses, and other unique attractions that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight. 

For a yearly membership fee, Harvest Hosts’ members are invited to stay at hundreds of exciting locations around North America and experience new opportunities to explore and enjoy the RVing lifestyle.

The company’s goal is to provide meaningful experiences for RVers and Hosts alike.  Read more about it here.

RV Tip Wizard is a very useful tool for any RVer.  Its the main planning software we use to track travel expenses, driving times, build routes and check hazards.  You can also view park reviews & recommendations, and use discount memberships for RV clubs and gas along your route. The list goes on!

Update: RV Trip Wizard is now part of the RV LIFE Pro suite of tools. Get a free 7 Day Trial here.

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