Talk about full circle. Quick story….


Talk about full circle. Quick story….In February of 1996 we bought this laughing Buddha figure at this exact Chinese restaurant while driving from Tampa to San Diego.

We had broken down (while doing a cross country move from Tampa to SD) in Winnie, TX for several days and needed any form of good luck 🍀 to get us going and reach our destination. We thought this might work – and it did!

Since then this statue has made many road trips with us and kept an eye outside the windows of every home we’ve ever lived at. While we are not practicing buddhist, we know enough about the culture to respect the ideals of the statue. So we’ve always adhered to the customs when displaying him.
It’s now mounted in our RV to keep doing what it’s done for us all these year.

Today, on the way to Texas we made a special stop to bring him back to where we met! 🤙 Winnie, TX has changed a lot, but the Motel 6 and Chinese restaurant still remain.


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We are a full-time RV family who said “a hui hou” to our beloved Oahu home to travel the mainland USA to see all the National Parks.

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