Two Medicine Lake Via Boat – Glacier National Park

Two Medicine Lake


I miss my Hawaii beach/mountain views daily but have been so surprised to find in our travels that lake views with mountains are just as stunning, especially when in Glacier National Park!!!!

Hiking is our family’s go-to way to explore national parks, but we found another great way on “down days” is via the water.

We loved relaxing and taking in the gorgeous views (although it was hazy) while riding the Sinopah, Glacier Boat Company’s oldest wooden boat in their fleet, across Two Medicine Lake.  The lake is located in one of GNP’s quieter, less trafficked areas (and it also does not require a day pass).

Once across, we enjoyed a short amount of time exploring the west shore area of the lake before our ride back to the dock. It was such a great way to spend a relaxing and peaceful evening.

We are just drawn to the water! Whether it be rafting, floating, SUPing, kayaking, or boating, we always try to take in the beauty of a National Park from the water if we can.

Pro Tip:
You can also take the boat across Two Medicine Lake and hike back via the South Shore Trail. Or once across, take some time to hike up to Twin Falls. Unfortunately, we’re on the last boat of the evening and weren’t prepared for either, but it’s on the list for our next visit for sure!  See the boat schedule here and bring bug spray!

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We are a full-time RV family who said “a hui hou” to our beloved Oahu home to travel the mainland USA to see all the National Parks.

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