A Week of Social Distancing

A Week of Social Distancing
We are doing well after our first week of social distancing. Last week, we left Galveston and made our way to the “Heart of Texas” (aka Waco). We’ve been fortunate enough to find the things we need and be in areas where the competition isn’t too crazy for goods. We’ve made some adjustments to our daily routines and set some personal & family goals to accomplish while we’re in this forced downtime. Making the best of it as we can and taking advantage of the breaks in the bad weather to stretch our legs outside the RV.

The place we’re staying (Airport Park) is on Waco Lake and is an Army Corps of Engineers flood control area. Flood control measures must have been activated as the lake is rising after all the rain. So much so – we’ve been asked to move to higher ground as some sites by us are nearly underwater. So we got to do a “quick breakdown exercise” to help the day pass! It worked – Very fun! Hahaha!

One thing Navy life prepared us for over the years is that plans change, and then change again. Sometimes (as we saw today) even in a matter of minutes. We’ve also made the important decision to put a hold on our travels, to be stationary for the next 30 days or until things blow over. So we’ll be heading south tomorrow to a private park as all COE Parks are unofficially “closed” for camping. We assumed Rangers would ask us to leave at some point, so we went ahead and made plans to stay put at our next stop. We’ve seen a lot of concerns about National, State, and other Government parks closing across the RV community. Private parks do seem widely available in Texas at this time.

Hopefully everybody else is doing well. I think RV’ers are prone to be prepared for the unexpected. We have the flexibility to move to areas that are less impacted or completely isolate ourselves if we choose to. The trade-off is we can’t stockpile a bunch of supplies, but we’re finding it’s not so bad to get what you need outside the major cities. Stay safe and healthy everyone!


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