Our Five Favorite RV Kitchen Appliances

Our Five Favorite RV Kitchen Appliances


Intro – RV Kitchen Appliances

Cooking in an RV can be scary for a newbie and even some experienced RVers. When we were preparing to go full-time, I was a little nervous about how different my cooking techniques and even kitchen setup would be and how we would make it all work.

Cooking styles make a huge difference even in a sticks & bricks. We prefer to eat pretty clean-ish, primarily homemade cooking from scratch with as few processed or pre-packaged items as possible. I also have always loved to bake (so I make some exceptions here). I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could cook most meals just like we did in our sticks&bricks right in our much (MUCH) smaller RV kitchen.

We have a combination microwave/convection oven in our rig, and after learning some tricks with it, I love how it cooks/bakes. We also have a propane stove. While they are not listed here, we utilize both as much as we can in conjunction with our RV kitchen appliances.

Our top Five

We get the most out of these five RV Kitchen Appliances

I made sure to bring along our favorite kitchen tools and eliminate what we didn’t need in preparation. These are the five small kitchen appliances we have with us and could not part with…

1. Coffee Maker

While I’m not much of a coffee drinker in the mornings, Jay is. I mean, he spent 27 years in the world’s finest Navy…a coffee cup in his hand could be considered a permanent fixture.

So a coffee maker was a must for us, but we wanted something small. We tried many different options when we hit the road and ended up with this one. It makes enough for Jay to have a couple of cups and doesn’t take up much space.

When we are boondocking, and electricity usage is limited or just in the mood for a great espresso drink, we’ll heat water on the stovetop and use our coffee press.

2. Hand Mixer

I love baking, it’s such a calming (and rewarding) hobby for me, and I so wanted to bring my beloved Kitchenaid Stand Mixer with us in the RV but had to draw the line somewhere (although I do have friends that travel with theirs). So I compromised and decided to see how it went with my hand mixer instead.

Guess what….it’s been the perfect fit. We have baked so many things using it with great success. And a big plus, it’s a lot easier to clean up.

3. Airfryer

This is something we added after we hit the road, and we hesitated on for a long time. We knew we had space to store it but did we really need it, and would we use it enough?

The answer for us was and still is “Absolutely YES!”

We have found so many things we like to cook in our air fryer. From simple roasted red potatoes, french fries, crispy asparagus, or brussels sprouts to chicken wings, pork chops, and even a whole chicken. We even use it to reheat leftover pizza perfectly.

4. Instant Pot

I don’t think this one is of any surprise. Most full-timers have seen the benefit of traveling with their Instant Pot. It makes quick one-pot meals in a snap that are easy on clean-up as well.

We were making our favorite Hawaiian/Kalua Pork in our Instant Pot way before we left, and it alone was the main reason we knew we needed to bring it with us. We also use it for staples like steel-cut oatmeal and our favorite one-pot spaghetti.  It’s a must-have to add to your quick and easy RV meals.

5. Vitamix

I’d love to tell you we brought this along for healthy smoothies only. And while I guess that was the main reason we decided to bring it, we do love getting creative with our smoothies. I also use it for delicious milkshakes for our favorite fast-food dinner at home (homemade burgers, fries & fresh strawberry milkshakes). While the possibilities are endless with a fantastic high-speed blender like the Vitamix, I have also used it to make salad dressings, muffin mix, salsa, and even soup.

A tip on the Vitamix: Ours came with two pitchers. We only brought the shorter (smaller) pitcher with us to save on space. It still makes a large enough amount for all 3 of us to have a full-size smoothie.  If you have a choice in pitcher size, opt for the smaller one if you are concerned about storage space.

Plus 2 Bonus Items:

Ice Maker

Okay, so I don’t cook or prepare meals with an ice maker, but we’ve found we use this a lot!

Storing big bags of ice in our limited space freezer was not an option. Making ice in the little trays constantly made a mess (trying to get them balanced or level). We make our own ice using clean water from our Berkey and then store it in a large ziplock bag in the freezer.


Again, this is not a massive deal in meal prep, but we use it pretty close to every day. It gets stored in a lower cabinet, so it’s easily accessible even for Caleb to toast a bagel or English muffin for breakfast. We chose a two-slot toaster to be smaller and lighter, which has worked well for us.

Storage of RV Kitchen Appliances

You’re probably thinking, “Where in the world do you keep all these gadgets in an RV?” I know it sounds like a lot, and it absolutely might be for some with very small RV’s or ones with no storage. But we easily fit all these items below the dinette bench seats of our Grand Design 312BHTS travel trailer (minus the coffee maker as it gets used daily and sits on the counter or stored in a cabinet for drive days), with even a little room to spare. We have other areas we could utilize as well, but this works great for us with our setup. If you have limited storage, I would absolutely recommend prioritizing what items you think you would use the most or look to see if there is a smaller option (like we did for our coffee maker and hand mixer).


If you enjoy cooking (honestly even more so if you don’t enjoy it), having a few small kitchen appliances with you while you’re RVing can make mealtime so much easier. While we enjoy exploring new areas and the restaurants in that area, we much prefer to eat at home most days. It is not only healthier, but it also is a simple way to save money on the road. That means more goes to our “fun budget,” which is always a win in our book!

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